Welcome SIB Beach Bums

Suny Island Blu loves our devoted customers. So we have set up a loyalty program that let's you earn points towards rewards.

Earning Points
☆ 50 points for creating an account 
☆ 100 points on your birthday
☆ 25 points for following us on Facebook
☆ 25 points for sharing us Facebook
☆ 25 points for following us on Instagram
☆ 25 points for following us on Twitter
☆ 25 points for sharing on Twitter

☆ Share the love with your friends! Just give them your referral code. They receive 10% off their order of $25 and you get $5 off $25 coupon when they make a purchase. Feel free to share your code on all  your social media.

Spending Your Points
$1 spent = 1 reward point

$5 = 100 Points
$15 = 250 Reward Points
$30 = 500 Reward Points
$60 = 750 Reward Points
$100 = 1500 Reward Points
$200 = 2000 Reward Points


How do I know how many points I have?
You can find your current points balance by signing into your account and clicking on the rewards tab. You only need 100 points for a $5 off coupon.

How do I spend my points?
You can spend your points by click on the points tab while logged into your  account. Under the reward tab,  click redeem next to the reward you want to claim! 

Does it cost to join? 
Our reward program is totally free! It is a 'thank you' to all of our amazing beach bums!
Can I get points for past orders or orders from Suny Island Blu on Etsy?
Sadly, no. You can only earn reward points from purchases made here at