About Us

Welcome to Suny Island Blu Soap Company!

Current land locked beach lover who brings the beach way of life to her home in Indiana.

The scents, the sounds, and the people of the Caribbean are very near to our family. We try to create scents and products to bring the Islands to us.
Through our shop we try to share that love with you too.

We hope using our products will transport you to YOUR favorite patch of sand, where ever it may be.

Suny Island Blu is a small family run business. Here is a little about each of us!

Suny has had a love affair with the ocean going back as far as she can remember. A former bath and body hoarder, she learned to make cold process soap at 18 and the hobby took off from there. After being laid off from her non profit job,  her oldest daughter tried to convince her to turn her hobby into a business. After a year of convincing Suny Island Blu was born. A mom to 6 beach bums in training, caregiver for her husband who has ALS and an avid Supernatural fan.

Bryan: Father of 4 and Step Dad to 2. Originally from Tampa, FL he loves deep sea fishing and would rather be doing that than anything else. Due to being diagnosed with ALS he can no longer fish but still loves being in the water, telling his boys how too.

Caitlyn (18): The oldest of 6 siblings who will be heading off to college. She loves all things Harry Potter and Supernatural. A self proclaimed avid book worm she loves everything from Hemingway to J.K. Rowlings.

Lexie (15): An avid gaming enthusiasts and lover of all things spooky, creepy, comics and procedural shows. She currently has plans to become the next great Penelope Garcia

Connor (8): Loves anything to do with Florida State football and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He loves helping his Mom and sisters package up orders.

Braeden (5): Can you tell you anything you ever wanted to know (and some you don't) about almost every comic book hero out there.

Jaxson (2): Loves to run around and explore everything. His family secretly thinks he is a fish and prefers to spend life in the water.

Liam (newborn): As the newest addition to the Suny Island Blu family not much is known about our little Liam yet. He currently enjoys napping, eating and being held.