Sea Salt Spray Directions

Look for video tutorials coming soon!

DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL. Mist thoroughly onto clean towel dried hair.

*LONG HAIR: Twist sections of hair and tousle for loose waves. Air dry or scrunch while blow drying with a diffuser.
You can also twist hair into a messy bun and allow to air dry. I have found the best results when brushing my hair BEFORE shampoo and conditioner only. So wash your hair and do not comb or brush after. This helps create the "messy loose waves".
If your conditioner does not make your hair smooth, finger comb it only.

*SHORT HAIR: Scrunch while drying with a diffuser.

*Both hair types: Curl dry hair in loose curls. Spray with Sea Salt Spray and muss your hair. You can totally build with this product as it is lightweight.

To use at the beach, just spray, scrunch and go.

Depending on hair type, you may need a light mist of hair spray to keep your beachy waves in place all day. I have long loose waves already that tends to be on the frizzy side. This is the only product I need in my hair for day to day use.