Headache Relief Shower Tab

Headache Relief Shower Steamer

These shower steamers are perfect for stuffy noses and sinus problems.

Our great Headache relief is a blend of crisp peppermint and cooling eucalyptus.

1. 4.5 oz bath bombs

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay, Coconut Oil, menthol crystals, essential oil blend

Drop one of these wonderful tablets into the bottom of a nice warm shower, as it dissolves it will slowly release soothing vapors. The more water that hits the tablet the stronger the vapor will be.

CAUTION: This is an aromatherapy shower steamer! Shower steamers have a very high a ratio of essential oils. Shower steamers are NOT to be used in the tub. Keep away from kids. Not all essential oils are safe for children or pregnant women.

**We wrap our bath bombs in bubble wrap for shipping. Bath bombs can be a delicate product and cracking may occur, we do our best to prevent this from happening. If this occurs it is still perfectly fine to use.


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