KAUAI BLU Dry Oil Spray

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Our dry oil body spray has been formulated with skin loving oils that sink in fast and make your skin feel amazing! We love using our dry oil spray in the summer time to keep our skin moisturized when a lotion seems to "heavy".

Kauai Blu is bright floral that will remind you of Summer in Hawaii; Gardenia wrapped in plump Plumeria petals (also known as frangipani), Pikake, and jasmine.

1 ~ 2 oz (by weight) spray bottle.

HOW TO USE: Spray on damp skin and allow to air dry after a bath or shower. Or spray on dry skin and rub in. A fabulous blend of oils, formulated to vanish into skin, leaving it soft.

cyclomethicone, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, vitamin e, fragrance oil (paraben & formaldahyde free)


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